Print Your Timeline

To print your timeline, click the Export & Share button and then click the Print PDF link: 

Select your paper orientation (landscape or portrait), paper size, and magnification. The magnification allows you to reduce the height of the timeline which allows you to fit larger timelines onto just 1 page. We recommend you start at 100% and make adjustments down from there. Click the Download Now button.

From your computer, you can then open the PDF and choose to print just the timeline, just the list of its layers and events, or both. It's that easy! 

You may want to print your timeline across multiple pages. This takes a few more steps. You can find the instructions by clicking the  View instructions link next to the Stretch across multiple sheets of paper option or by clicking this link: Multipage Printing

Some people have also had success with printing to a plotter: Print Timeline on a Plotter.


Downloading isn't working - what can I do?

Preceden uses a tool called wkhtmltopdf to convert your timeline to a PDF. There's a known issue with wkhtmltopdf where if your timeline contains a lot of images, the tool breaks and your timeline won't be exported as a PDF. This is likely the case if:

1. Your timeline contains a lot of images (20+)

2. You click download Download Now in the PDF dialog

3. Five minutes later it says "The download timed out. If this problem persists, please contact support:"

You have a few options:

Option 1: Share a link to your timeline instead

If your timeline is public or password protected, you can share a link to it with others and they'll be able to view your full timeline, images included.

  • Pros: It's easy to go this route
  • Cons: It doesn't let you share your timeline as a PDF or image

Option 2: Hide images from your timeline and export as an image instead

Click Settings then Event Details, uncheck the Images option, then click the Update Settings button. Your timeline will reload but without images displayed on the timeline. You can now click the Image button below your timeline to download your timeline as an images (but it won't contain the images you added to the events).

  • Pros: This is a quick way to export your timeline as an image
  • Cons: The timeline won't contain the images you added to events nor will you get the list of events that would be included if you exported as a PDF

Option 3: Remove images until it works

Remove a few images from events, then try the export again. If it times out again, remove a few more images then try again. Eventually the export will work.

  • Pros: Eventually you'll be able to export your timeline as a PDF and it will include some of the images you originally added
  • Cons: It can take some time to figure out how many images will work

Option 4: Remove all images

Similar to Option 2, you can remove all of the images from your events. After you've removed all of the images, the timeline will definitely export to PDF.

  • Pros: It's quicker than removing a few at a time to figure out how many you can include
  • Cons: Your timeline won't contain any of the images you added

Option 5: Use an extension to take a screenshot of the entire page

For example, in Chrome you can install GoFullPage which you can use to generate an image of the entire Preceden page. Optionally, you could do this in Presentation Mode in Preceden (by clicking that button below the timeline) to just generate an image of the timeline without the list below it.

  • Pros: You can download your timeline and the list as an image and it will include the list of events below your timeline.
  • Cons: Unless you're in presentation mode, the image will also include the top indigo navigation bar and other UI elements. You could crop these out using an image editing tool afterwards though.

We're sorry this isn't simpler and are investigating alternatives to wkhtmltopdf that might not have this issue.

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