Print Your Timeline Across Multiple Pages

One of the most frequently requested features for Preceden has been the ability to print your timelines across multiple sheets of paper.

We recently added the ability to do this, though it's not as simple as it might seem. Most printers will try to automatically squeeze extra-wide content onto a single sheet of paper so we have to use some workarounds to print a timeline across multiple pages.
The following tutorial assumes you have a Mac. If you have Windows and figure out a process that allows you to print across multiple pages, please drop us a note so we can add the instructions to this guide.
We've also had some users find success in printing large timelines on a plotter:  Print on a Plotter.
1. Below your timeline choose "Print PDF": 
2. Choose the " Stretch across multiple sheets of paper " option: 
3. Use Preview to convert the PDF to an image:
Click on the File > Export menu:
For the Format, choose PNG:
4. Open the PNG in Safari:
5. Click on the File > Print menu:
6. Adjust the print options:
Now you will need to adjust the page range and scale, which will determine how many pages wide your printed timeline will be.
To print across four pages, set the page range from 1 to 4 and set the scale to 400%:
To print across eight pages, set the page range from 1 to 8 and set the scale to 800%.
This will ensure that your timeline is printed at the correct magnification and that your printer does not print unnecessary blank pages.
If your timeline is multiple pages tall, you might need to double or triple the number of pages to print, but keep the scale the same.
7. Print your timeline.
If you printed across four pages, it would look like this:
If you printed across eight pages, it would look like this:
8. Finally, cut and tape the timeline together
After you've printed the timeline across multiple pages, you can cut and tape the timeline together and display it however you'd like.

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