Print Timelines on a Plotter

One of our users sent in this helpful tip about how he printed a large timeline:

I saved the image at the maximum resolution (1,600 pixels) as a png file. 

To do this click the Export & Share button above your timeline and then click on the Image option. 

This box will appear and allow you to change the pixels: 

Then I sent it to a plotter with a 24" wide paper roll. Fit the image to the paper size in landscape mode. The width was a known (24") and the length was self-determining, depending upon how it fit after being enlarged to fit the 24" wide paper.
So the timeline printout ended-up being 24" high by however long the timeline was; which was rather long.
If you go this route, please shoot us an email afterwards and let us know how it went - we'll include any lessons learned here for people in the future.

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