Appearance Settings - Legend

Appearance Settings - Legend

When events are added to a timeline they have a color assigned to it. You can keep the default color or modify it to something that has additional meaning. For example, if you have a project timeline, you may want to make anything event that is completed one color while events that are at risk of delay or have other issued can have a different color like yellow or red. 

To help viewers understand the significance of each color used for your events, you can add a legend to your timeline.

Add a Legend

To customize the Legend, follow these steps:

1. Click Appearance Button. 

2. Select Legend

3. Add descriptions to one or more the colors. 

4. Check the option Display legend. This displays the legend on the screen and in certain exports.  

5. Click  Save Changes

Remove a Legend

1. Click Appearance button. 

2. Select Legend

3. Remove all the text descriptions that have been added and associated with event colors. 

4. Uncheck the Display legend option. 

5. Click Save Changes

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