Appearance Settings - Events

Content Visibility

This section lets you choose whether you want to display the event dates, durations, notes, percent complete, and/or images on the timeline.

Default Shape

This setting applies a default shape for new events that contain both start and end dates.

Note that if you specify either the start or end date is approximate for the event, Preceden will display the corners for that event slightly rounded regardless of what setting you choose here.

Color Style

This setting determines how the color you select for an event with a start and end date is applied to that event. Solid means the bar will be entirely that color and and Horizontal Gradient means a subtle horizontal fade is applied.

Bar Name Position

Controls how Preceden deals with event names that don't fit within its colored bar. More info with examples in this support doc: Change the Bar Name Position.

Date and Duration Position

If you choose to display the event details on the timeline, you can choose where you want those details to be displayed relative to the event names: below, to the right (default), or left.

Duration Format

You can choose to use the largest units possible for displaying duration or choose to always see this information in days. 

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