Timeglider Closure FAQs

When did Timeglider shut down?

Timeglider shut down on November 30, 2020.

What happened to my subscription?

We cancelled all active paying subscriptions on September 15th. 

What happens to my timelines?

You have a few options:

  1. If you don't care about your timelines anymore, there's nothing you need to do
  2. You can email us at [email protected] and request export of your data
  3. You can optionally import that data into Preceden to continue working on your timeline

See below for more details.

What's the difference between Timeglider and Preceden?

Here are some things that Preceden can do that Timeglider cannot:

  • Preceden lets you export your timeline as an image or PDF, making it easy to print and share
  • Preceden supports dragging and dropping events to reposition them and change their dates
  • Preceden provides many different themes and ways to customize your timeline's appearance
  • Preceden lets you add layers to help you organize events
  • Preceden supports many different types of date and time formats

Here are some things that Timeglider can do that Preceden cannot:

  • Timeglider lets you specify the importance of an event is which controls how large it appears
  • Timeglider lets you add tags to your timeline to categorize it
  • Timeglider supports having a single event belong to multiple timelines
  • Timeglider lets you filter your timeline to only look at events that meet certain criteria

How do I import the CSV into Preceden?

Before you can import a CSV file, you'll need to sign up for Preceden and upgrade to a paid plan because the free plan limits you to 10 events and therefore does not support importing from CSV files.

After you've done this, on an empty timeline in Preceden click Export and Share, then the CSV/Excel Import link and then follow the instructions to import the CSV to your timeline:

A few notes on importing:

  • Preceden darkens the colors to make them appear better on the default white background, but you can easily customize the event colors after the import.
  • By default Preceden will place one event per row, which can make the timelines quite long if you have a lot of events. A good way to adjust this is to go to Appearance > Event Design and check the box under Compression that makes Preceden compress layers.
  • Preceden doesn't support all of the same features as Timeglider like the concept of importance. For that reason, the timeline in Preceden will not look exactly the same as it did in Timeglider.
  • It's not possible to import the images from your Timeglider timeline into your new Preceden timeline. To do that, you'll need to re-add the images to the events in Preceden after you've imported the CSV.
  • Preceden has a maximum event limit of 1,500 events per timeline, though timelines get noticeable slow to work with after 400-500 events. If you have a Timeglider timeline with more events than this, we would recommend splitting up the CSV and importing them to several smaller timelines. See the "Spreadsheet Wrangling" section of this support doc for an idea of how to do this.
  • Free accounts on Preceden are limited to 1 timeline with 10 events which will cover the majority of Timeglider users. For power users who need to import multiple timelines from Timeglider or ones with 11+ events, you'll need a premium account (Pro or Business) on Preceden.

What are some other timeline makers besides Preceden?

There are many other timeline makers if you don't want to switch to Preceden, but none have a way to automatically import your Timeglider data so you will have to manually recreate your timelines in the other tools.

Does the closure impact embedded timelines?

If you're using Timeglider's embed features then those embeds stopped working when we shut the site down.

Have additional questions?

Shoot us an email at [email protected] or [email protected].

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