Timeglider Closure FAQs

In June 2019 Preceden acquired Timeglider. We've kept Timeglider running for customers that signed up prior to the acquisition but there aren't many remaining so we've made the decision to shut the site down at the end of November 2020.

When will Timeglider shut down?

Timeglider will shut down on November 30, 2020. 

Prior to shut down, we recommend you export your data and optionally move your timeline over to Preceden. 

What happens to my subscription?

We cancelled all active paying subscriptions on September 15th. 

You can still use Timeglider for free between now and when it shuts down.

Will I receive a refund?

If you recently paid for a year of use, we issued prorated refunds for the unused time which you'll see reflected on your credit card in the next 5-10 days.

What happens to my timelines?

After we shut down the site, you no longer have access to Timeglider.

You have a few options:

  1. If you don't care about your timelines anymore, there's nothing you need to do
  2. You can download a CSV of your data so its not lost when the site shuts down
  3. You can download a CSV and import it into Preceden to continue working on your timeline
  4. You can use the Timeglider jQuery widget to host your timeline on another site

See below for more details.

What's the difference between Timeglider and Preceden?

They are similar tools in a lot of ways, but differ in some of the features they offer. 

See the list in this post for a full breakdown.

How do I download a CSV of my timeline data?

Timeglider provides a CSV export feature which you can optionally use to move your timeline over to Preceden.

Imagine you have a timeline like this in Timeglider:

1. Click on the name of your timeline in the list on the left, then click edit properties:

2. On the import/export tab, click on the CSV link in the section about exporting to Preceden:

How do I import the CSV into Preceden?

On an empty timeline in Preceden, click the Import CSV button and then select the CSV file that Timeglider exported in the previous step:

A few notes on importing:

  • Preceden darkens the colors to make them appear better on the default white background, but you can easily customize the event colors or the timeline's theme after the import.
  • Preceden doesn't support all of the same features as Timeglider like the concept of importance. For that reason, the timeline in Preceden will not look exactly the same as it did in Timeglider.
  • It's not possible to import the images from your Timeglider timeline into your new Preceden timeline. To do that, you'll need to re-add the images to the events in Preceden after you've imported the CSV.
  • Preceden has a maximum event limit of 1,000 events per timeline, though timelines get noticeable slow to work with after 400-500 events. If you have a Timeglider timeline with more events than this, I'd recommend splitting up the CSV and importing them to several smaller timelines. See the "Spreadsheet Wrangling" section of this support doc for an idea of how to do this.
  • Free accounts on Preceden are limited to 1 timeline with 10 events which will cover the majority of Timeglider users. For power users who need to import multiple timelines from Timeglider or ones with 11+ events, you'll need a premium account on Preceden.

What are some other timeline makers besides Preceden?

There are many other timeline makers if you don't want to switch to Preceden, but none have a way to automatically import your Timeglider data so you will have to manually recreate your timelines in the other tools.

Does the closure impact embedded timelines?

If you're using Timeglider's embed features then those embeds will stop working when we shut the site down.

We recommend moving your timelines over to Preceden (see above) and switching to Preceden's embedded timelines.

Does the closure impact the Timeglider widget?

Timeglider has a fantastic jQuery widget that lets you dynamically visualize events using your own data. It does not require having a Timeglider account and therefore is not impacted by the acquisition. And because you would host the code yourself, it will not be impacted by the site shutting down. We are unable to provide any support to help with the widget though.

Have additional questions?

Shoot us an email at help@preceden.com or info@timeglider.com.

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