Add Images to Your Timeline

Preceden lets you quickly add images to your events.

If you're adding or editing an event, open the event dialog and then select More Options. Next, click Choose Image

You will be presented with 7 ways to select an image:

  • My Device - Upload an image directly from your computer.
  • Link (URL) - Paste the URL of an image on the web.
  • Web Search - Search for an image.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox - Choose an image you've uploaded to another service.

After you've selected an image, you'll have the ability to crop it, rotate it, or select just a circle from within it*: 

Click Save to keep your changes or click Reset to put the image back to its original form. After you have edited your photo, click the Upload button to move back to the event screen. Click Update Event. The image will now be displayed on your timeline, as well as on the list below the timeline: 

You also have the option of the image appearing on your timeline only when you hover over the event it is associated with. To use this option, click on Settings then click on Event Details. Under the heading Details to Display on the Timeline uncheck the checked box next to Images. Click Update Appearance to save this change. 

*Note that you cannot edit the photo (crop, circle, or rotate) after it has been added to the timeline. If you need to change it you will need to delete it and then add a new photo. So be sure to edit the photos before adding them to save yourself some time. 

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