Adding images to your timeline

Preceden lets you add images to event notes which are then displayed in the list of events below the timeline as well as when you hover over the event on the timeline.

How to add an image from another website

The easiest way to add an image is to find one already online that you have permission to use. 
1. Right click the image you want to add, and click Copy Image Address (the wording will vary based on your browser):
2. Paste the URL of the image into the event notes:
3. The image will now appear when you hover over the event and also in the event list below the timeline:

How to add your own image

The instructions for adding your own image to the timeline are similar to the steps above, except you need to upload your image somewhere online first.
1. Go to a site like  Imgur and upload your image.
For Imgur, you click the upload images button at the top of its homepage, then browse your computer, select the file you want to upload, then click Start Upload. 
2. Once the image is uploaded, you can copy its URL and then follow the same instructions as above:

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