Add a logo to your timeline

Preceden lets you upload your organization's logo to help make your timeline more on-brand.

You can find the logo options by heading to Appearance > Logo. Assuming your plan supports it, you'll see a way to upload your logo as well as additional settings that impact how it's displayed:


Determines whether the logo is displayed to the left/center/right above your timeline. 


The image file you upload here might be quite large, so you can adjust this setting to reduce its size.


When is the logo displayed?

If you export your timeline as a PDF, the logo will be displayed above your timeline:

Also, if you share a link to your timeline with someone, the logo will be displayed:

Can I hide Preceden's branding?

Yes: if you would prefer that Preceden's navigation and footer be hidden for viewers that you share a link with, you can add ?style=0 to the URL.

For example:

How can I add the logo to image exports?

The logo is  not displayed in the editor nor is it included in image exports (including PowerPoint and Keynote exports). For images/slides, you can add your company logo separately if desired which will give you more control over the position and size.

Can I display the logo within the timeline?

Not currently, but we may add support for this if there's interest. Drop us a note if you would like to see this added: [email protected].

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