Embed in Keynote

Preceden has a feature for exporting your timeline as an image that's optimized for embedding in Keynote presentations:

1. Determine Your Presentation's Slide Size

The slide size is important because it helps Preceden figure out how wide of an image to generate. To figure out your presentation's slide size, click the Document button on the top right of Keynote and look for the Slide Size section:

The screen size will be highlighted as either  Standard (4:3) or Widescreen (16:9). 

2. Export Your Timeline as a PNG for Keynote

Click Export & Share above your timeline and select the Keynote option. Select the slide size you determined in step 1. Then click Download Now

3. Add the Image to Your Slide

You can do this by dragging and dropping the PNG onto the slide

4. Optimize the Image Dimensions

Select the image, click the Format button, then the Arrange tab.

  • If the slide size is Standard (4:3) set the Width to 960
  • If the slide size is Widescreen (16:9) set the Width to 1920

This will ensure the text in the image is crisp and clear in your presentation.

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