Export to PowerPoint

Preceden's PowerPoint download feature lets you export your timeline directly to a PowerPoint slide:


How do I export to PowerPoint?

You can export to PowerPoint by clicking the  Export & Share button above a timeline and then clicking the PowerPoint option:

From there, select your presentation's slide size then click download:

How do I determine my presentation's slide size?

Your PowerPoint presentation's slide size is important because it helps Preceden figure out how wide of a slide to generate. 

To figure out your presentation's slide size, click the Design tab in PowerPoint then click the Slide Size button:

How do I move the slide into my own presentation?

Right-click the slide thumbnail and click Copy:

Then in your presentation right click on the sidebar and click Paste:

What if my timeline is too tall for a single slide?

Preceden only supports exporting your timeline to a single slide which means that if your timeline is very tall, you may not be able to display all of it on a single PowerPoint slide.

If your timeline doesn't fit on a single slide, there are two approaches you can try:

Approach #1: Reducing the height of your timeline

  • If your timeline includes images, try hiding them by going to Appearance > Events and unchecking the Images option.
  • Try automatically compressing layers by going to Appearance > Layers and checking the Automatically compress layers option.
  • Try reducing the font size by going to Appearance > Font and reducing the Font Size.
  • Try hiding dates and durations on the timeline by going to Appearance > Events and unchecking the Dates and Duration options.
  • Consider splitting your timeline into several smaller ones.

Approach #2: Split the timeline image onto multiple slides in PowerPoint

Alternatively, you can use PowerPoint's built-in image-cropping capabilities to split your timeline onto multiple slides.

For example, let's say you export your timeline to PowerPoint, and it overflows off the bottom of the slide:

Here's how you can split it into two slides instead:

First, duplicate the slide:

On the first slide, right-click the image and click Crop:

Then scroll to the bottom of the image and drag the bottom of the crop container up so that it crops out the bottom two layers:

With the image cropped, you should now see just the first two layers:

Then repeat the same process for the second slide, but this time leave just the bottom two layers.

You'll have then split your timeline into two slides:

Where can I get help?

If you run into any issues, drop us a note anytime: [email protected]

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