Theme Settings

Preceden offers a variety of ways to customize the appearance of your timeline.

You can access these by clicking Settings above your timeline and adjusting the settings in the Theme section.

Timeline Color

Here you can choose the color theme for your timeline.The theme will adjust the timeline background, font color as needed, and the timeline lines.

For example, here's the default white theme:

And here's the same timeline with a light gray background:

Layer Name Position

At the top of the layer

To the left of the layer

When the layers have a transparent color (which is the default) Preceden will simply darken the color of the theme to determine background color for the layer names:

If you set background colors for the layers Preceden will use them here:

Layer Color

Apply the layer color to the layer's background

Preceden can also apply the layer's color not only to the layer name, but to the layer itself:

For example, here's what it looks like with the layer names at the top:

And here's with layer names to the left:

Alternate Layer Colors

When the layers don't have the color applied to the background, Preceden will slightly darken every other layer to make them easier to distinguish:

Milestones and Free Plan are white, Existing Customers is light gray:

You can uncheck this setting to use the theme color for all of the layers (white in this example):

Event Color Palette

The event color palette determines the color of the events on your timeline.

If you have existing events on your timeline and change the color palette, Preceden will update the existing events to use the new color palette as well. When it does this, Preceden will preserve groups of colors. For example, if you have several blue events currently, then change the palette, all of those blue events will use the the same new color in the new palette. Similarly, Preceden will update your legend so that the legend items are correctly updated to use the new colors.

When you are using a legend and create a new event you can make sure the colors match by selecting the color for the event under legend. 

Preceden also lets you specify a custom event color by supplying hex color codes.

For example, to use just green and blue, you could enter:

#1565C0, #66BB6A

The values must be valid 3 or 6 digit hex codes, must include the leading #, and must be separated by commas.

You can also use this to change all of the events on your timeline to a single color by specifying a single hex color code.

Override event color with the layer color

You may want to have all of the events in each layer use the same color. This setting allows you to do just that: apply the layer color to the events themselves.

For example, here's a timeline with layer names to the left, no layer background color, but overridden event colors:

And here it is again but with the layer color applied to the layer background:

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