Collaborate with others on timelines

Collaborating with others on your timeline is a breeze with Preceden's built-in collaboration features.

The collaboration features allow you share a timeline with other people so that they can also work on it. 

Collaboration Set-Up

Click the Export & Share button above your timeline, then Invite Collaborators:

From there, you'll be able to invite others to edit your timeline:

The people you invite will be able to edit your timeline for free.

Collaborator Limitations

The collaborator will have full access to your timeline except for the ability to:

  • Delete the entire timeline
  • Change the collaboration settings
  • Change the visibility settings
  • Duplicate the timeline
  • Import from a CSV file

Real Time Updates

Real time updates are not currently available on Preceden, though this is something we'd like to add one day. If you have the timeline open in your browser while your collaborator is making changes on his computer, you'll have to reload your timeline to see his changes and vice versa.

Number of Collaborators

You can collaborate with as many people as you'd like.

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