Reposition Events with Drag and Drop

    We're excited to announce that Preceden now supports full drag and drop capabilities!

    There are two aspects of it: dragging and dropping an event to change its order and dragging and dropping an event to change its dates.

    Change the Order of Events with Drag and Drop

    When you add an event to your timeline, Preceden determines its placement by using the start date, with ties broken alphabetically by the event name. For example, here's a timeline with three events:

    Preceden uses a waterfall layout by default, meaning it will only put one event on each horizontal row.

    However, you can reorder events by simply dragging an event from one location to another.

    To do this, simply click on an event in your timeline and without releasing your mouse, drag it up or down to a new position:

    If you want Preceden to automatically compress layers to place as many events on a row as possible, check the  Automatically compress layers to display as many events per row as possible setting under Appearance > Event Design > Compression. With this setting checked, Preceden will automatically flatten each layer, eliminating the need to drag and drop events:

    Change an Event's Dates with Drag and Drop

    Preceden also lets you change an event's dates with drag and drop in most cases:

    Things to Know: 

    • New events are automatically positioned based the event's start date. 
    • It's not currently possible to drag an event from one layer to another. You'll have to edit the event and change the layer to place it in a new layer.
    • If you update the event's start date or move it from one layer to another, the event is repositioned automatically. In both of these situations, you can reorder the event afterwards to change the order.
    • In order to prevent you accidentally changing an event's dates while moving it up and down, you need to hold SHIFT if you want to drag an entire event left or right. You do not need to hold shift if you're just changing the start or end date.
    • If the event starts when another event ends (using Preceden's dependency feature) then Preceden won't let you change its dates with drag and drop.
    • Preceden does let you reposition an event that starts or ends "Today" (because that falls at the start or end of a full day), but won't let you drag an event that starts or ends "Now" (because that includes the time which makes the event not start/end on a full day).
    • Preceden won't let you drag and event left or right if part of it falls off the screen (for example, if you're zoomed in). You'll need to zoom back out to drag these events left and right.
    • Preceden also does not support changing dates of BC events using drag and drop.
    • If the event does not start on a day or (assuming it has an end date) if the duration is not a full number of days. For example, if the event starts at 2pm or if it lasts 6 hours, Preceden won't let you drag and drop it to change its date. This is to prevent people from accidentally dragging an event that starts at like 2pm to starting at midnight of some nearby day.
    • If the end date is dynamic - for example "8 days" then Preceden will set the new duration to the new number of days (vs setting it to a specific date).

    If you have any feedback or suggestions, don't hesitate to reach out: [email protected].

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