How Preceden Differs from Other Timeline Makers

We created Preceden because we were unhappy with the limitations of existing timeline tools.

A few of the differences between Preceden and other tools include:

  • Layers to organize your events 
  • Events whose dates can range from 200,000 BC to 200,000 AD
  • Ability to create events with durations (most sites only let you specify a single date for an event)
  • Completely web-based, so no clunky software to download
  • A clean, intuitive interface that lets you focus on building your timeline and not on figuring out where to click next
  • Ability to add images directly to your timeline
  • Ability to zoom into sections of your timeline
  • Easily reorder events and layers through drag and drop functionality
  • Ability to darken weekends to show project length in weekdays
  • Ability to import CSV and Excel files

If Preceden winds up not being a good fit for you, we also have a list of other timeline maker tools which let you create different types of timelines like timeline infographics.

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