Contact the Creator of a Timeline

When you view a timeline on Preceden, it's important to note that we (the creators of Preceden) did not create that timeline ourselves.

In actuality, someone signed up for Preceden (our timeline maker service) and created that timeline. If the timeline is marked as public, it means anyone can view it, including people who stumble across it while searching for timelines on search engines like Google and Bing.

Occasionally, visitors will write to support asking for information about who created the timeline or requesting that we make a correction to the information in the timeline.

However, for privacy reasons, we cannot give out the email address of the person who created the timeline. Nor will we make updates to that person's timeline.

What we can do is forward your message to the person who created the timeline. We'll explain that you want to get in touch with them and they can respond back to you if they're interested.

If all you need to do is cite the timeline, there's a way to do that without knowing who created it: See our article on how to Cite a Timeline.

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