Dateless Timelines

You may be interested in creating a timeline for something without specific dates.

While Preceden does not officially support adding events without dates, there is a way you can hack Preceden to mostly achieve this:

Add Events

Lets say you have two events:

  • Product Launch at Time 0 (T0)
  • Marketing Campaign at Time 5 (T5)

When you add these to your timeline, make the dates 2000 for T0 and 2005 for T5:

After adding the events, your timeline would look something like this:

Update the Timeline's Settings

Next we'll update the timeline's settings to have it hide the dates on the timeline.

First, go to Settings: 

Then click on Events and uncheck the option for showing dates on the timeline (remember to click Update Settings):

Also, go to Settings > Content > Axis and uncheck all of the options for Position:

Make sure you click Update Settings at the bottom of the settings after you've made these changes.

Drum Roll...

With those changes, you'll now have a dateless timeline:

If you wanted your timeline to display T0, T5, etc., you could manually add those to the event names:

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