Dateless Timelines

You may be interested in creating a timeline for something without specific dates.

While Preceden does not officially support adding events without dates, there is a way to mostly achieve this:

Add Events

Lets say you have two events:

  • Product Launch at Time 0 (T0)
  • Marketing Campaign at Time 5 (T5)

When you add these to your timeline, make the dates 2000 for T0 and 2005 for T5:

After adding the events, your timeline would look something like this:

Update the Timeline's Appearance

Next we'll update the timeline's appearance to have it hide the dates on the timeline.

First, click the Appearance button above your timeline, then click on Events and uncheck the option for showing dates on the timeline in the Content Visibility section.

Next, head to the Axis section and uncheck all of the options for Position.

Make sure you click Save Changes after you've made these changes.

Drum Roll...

With those changes, you'll now have a dateless timeline:

If you wanted your timeline to display T0, T5, etc., you could manually add those to the event names:

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