Preceden's Teams feature allows a group of people to create and work together on each other's timelines. 

How it Works

When you purchase Preceden for a team, you will become the account owner and will be able to invite other people to join your team. Those people will be able to see and edit every other team member's timelines, including yours, and vice versa.

You'll see an  Invite Your Coworkers button on the top right of the page which you can click to manage your team. In the future you can get to that page by clicking on Account in the top navigation bar and selecting Account Settings, then Manage Your Team.

This page lets you manage your team:

When you invite someone to join Preceden, they'll receive an invitation email with a link that will let them sign up and join your team:

After they sign up, they be able to create timelines of their own and work on any timelines created by any other team member within the account:

Other team members (including you as the account holder) will be able to see their timelines on your dashboard as well:

Each team member's timelines will be listed below their email address making it easy to tell who created each timeline.


How do teams and collaboration differ?

Check out Teams and Collaboration to learn how each feature functions within Preceden to support the creation and/or editing of timelines collaboratively. 

Bottom line: if only 1 person needs to create timelines, you should just use collaboration and not teams. However, if multiple people need to create timelines and you all want to be able to see and work on each others' timelines, a team might be a good fit.

Is there a way to hide a timeline from other people on a team?

No, everyone on the team can see and work on each other's timelines.

When do team member accounts expire?

Team members accounts expire at the same time as the account owner's account (a year after the account owner paid for their plan).

How can I get access to teams?

Teams are currently in beta. Please contact support at for access.

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