Teams and Collaboration

Preceden has two ways to work with other people on timelines.


Preceden's Collaboration feature lets you invite people, one at a time, to work with you on a specific timeline.
Preceden's Teams feature lets you have a group of people who can all create timelines and can view and work on each other's timelines.


Collaboration is good when:
  • Only one person is going to be creating timelines. 
  • You want to invite other people to work with you on a timeline. 
For example, if you have a timeline called Marketing Initiatives and want John and Mary to work with you on it, you can use the collaboration feature on that timeline to invite each of them to collaborate with you on it. If you create other timelines and want to work with them on it as well, you would have to invite them again.
If they create timelines of their own, they could upgrade to a plan that supports collaboration and invite you to work with them on their timelines.
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Teams are for organizations where:
  • Multiple people will be creating timelines. 
  • All of those people should be able to see and edit each other's timelines. 
For example, you, Bob, and Mary all work at the same company. You're all going to be using Preceden to create timelines and want to be able to see and/or work on each other's timelines. 
You could achieve this by having each person sign up for an account, upgrading, and inviting each other to collaborate on every timeline each of you create, but it would be more expensive and a lot more hassle compared to just using teams.
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