Zoom in and out of the timeline you are viewing

Preceden provides three easy ways to zoom into a portion of your timeline:

1) Click and drag to select a period of time

Click anywhere on your timeline and drag your cursor to the left or right to select a range of time:

Preceden will zoom in to that period of time. To zoom back out, click the Zoom Out button that will appear on the top right corner of your timeline:

You can continue zooming in like this until you get down to the hour scale, at which point you won't be able to zoom in any further. 

2) Manually set a date range in the Date Range settings

You can also set a date range by clicking Appearance above your timelineThen click the Axis Scale section. 

You can then click  Zoom in to a specific date range and choose specific dates.

3) Set a date range relative to today

Similarly, you can select the  Set a date range relative to today option to display a range of time relative to today.

For example, 1 month before the start of this month and 4 months after the start of this month.

You must specify a scale other than automatic for this option to work so that Preceden knows how many days/weeks/months etc to display.


  • To zoom back out, click the Zoom Out button:

  • Preceden won't necessarily use the exact dates you selected with either method. It will automatically add some padding to the content and try to avoid cutting off event names that would otherwise appear half on/half off your timeline.
  • If you are zoomed in to a portion of your timeline and then add an event that isn't visible on that portion of your timeline, Preceden will automatically zoom out so that the newly-added event is visible.

If you encounter any strange issues with zooming please don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

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