Adding an Event to Your Timeline

Events are the key component of any Preceden timeline. Events can represent anything from an upcoming project milestone to the building of the pyramids and anything in between.

To add an event, click the Add Event button above your timeline or press the letter 'a' on your keyboard.

Here's an overview of each of the options along with a description of how those settings impact the appearance of the event:


Every event must have a name to display on the timeline.

The position of the event name depends on several factors:

  • If an event has a start date only, then its name will always be placed to the right of the icon
  • If an event has a start date and an end date, then its name will be placed within the color bar if the name fits, otherwise the name will be placed to the right of the bar. You can change this behavior under the timeline's settings to have Preceden always display the name to the right of the colored bar.


If you have autocomplete turned on (which it is by default for students and teachers), Preceden will search publicly shared timelines as you name your event. It will then show you the dates for similar events which you can click to autocomplete the name and dates for your event:

You can enable or disabled autocompletion from your  Account page.


The color picker allows you to choose the color of the event:

You can also use the custom color picker at the bottom to choose a color not on the palette.


The icon is displayed to the left of the event name when the event only has a start date:

If you specify an end date for your event, the icon will be ignored because the event will be displayed as a colored bar.

You can also request additional icons: Requesting New Icons.


When your timeline contains multiple layers, you can use this dropdown to specify which layer you want the event to be added to.

To add a layer, click the Add Layer link above the timeline.

Start Date

Every event must have a start date to let Preceden know when the event occurred. You can use the date picker or type in a date in one of the many  date formats that Preceden supports.

Approximate Dates

For events where you don't know the dates exactly, you can use the Approximate checkbox to the right of either the start and end date to tell Preceden.

For events that contain a start and an end date, being marked as approximate will display cause the bar to fade in (if the start date is approximate) and fade out (if the end date is approximate):

Marking an event that only has a start date as approximate has no impact on how the event is displayed.

End Date

Similar to the start date, the end date specifies when the event ends. This field is optional so if the event only has one date associated with it, you can leave this field blank.

You can specify durations for the end date such as "1 week", "1 month 5 days" etc. 

Also note that  both the start date end the end date are inclusive.


The final field is for any additional notes about the event.

These notes will be displayed when you hover your cursor over the event on your timeline as well as in the list of events below your timeline.

You can  add images as well as links to the notes. Notes also support Markdown formatting.

Misc Options

Preceden also supports some less common options for events:

Make this event a milestone

A milestone represents an important event that you want to stand out on your timeline.

When you check the milestone setting, you'll only be able to specify a start date and the event will be displayed as a vertical line that spans the full height of the timeline:

Make this event start when another event ends

If your event contains multiple events, you check this box to make your event start when another one ends.  Learn more about dependencies.

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