Add a layer

Layers allow you to group similar types of events together on your timeline. 

For example, in a timeline about your life, you might have one layer for places you've lived, one layer for places you've worked, one for your relationships, etc.

Add a new layer

When you create a timeline, all events go in the same layer called "Events" though Preceden doesn't display the name of this default layer on your timeline:

You can add a new layer by clicking on the Add Layer button above your timeline.

The Name is the only required field for creating a new layer.

You can also:

  • Add layer notes
  • Change the layer order if there are multiple layers in your timeline
  • Adjust what's visible in the layer and even hide the layer
  • Set a color for the layer

As an example, let's add a new layer called "Places I've Worked":

Since we added a second layer, the default layer's name ("Events") is now displayed on the timeline. 

You can change it to something more meaningful by clicking on the layer name on the timeline or by clicking its name in the list below the timeline. Let's change it to "Places I've Lived".

When you have multiple layers on your timeline, you'll be able to specify which layer you want events to be in:

By adding the new event to the "Places I've Worked" layer, it will be grouped separately from the events in the "Places I've Lived" layer:

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