Share a Link to Your Timeline

To share a public or password protected timeline, you need to copy its URL. 

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Copy the URL directly from your browser's address bar
  2. Click the Link button below your timeline and copy the URL displayed there

In either case, you should wind up with a URL such as:

The number in the URL is required, but you can remove the timeline name and it will still work just fine:

If you later rename your timeline (which would cause the "product-launch-plan" part of the example above to change) it's not a problem, any URLs you previously shared would continue to work because it's the number in the URL that identifies your timeline.

Removing Preceden Branding

By default viewers will see Preceden's navigation and footer, but you can hide these by adding ?style=0 to the URL that you share:


Either way, viewers won't see Preceden's navigation or footer on the page.

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