Creating Gantt Charts with Preceden

One of the many layout options that Preceden provides is a way to display your timeline as a Gantt chart.

Here are a few examples of what timelines using a Gantt chart layout look like:

With a Gantt chart layout, event names are displayed on the left of the timeline below the layer names instead of directly on the timeline.


How do I make my timeline look like a Gantt chart?

For new timelines, you can select the Gantt Chart theme when creating the timeline to configure your new timeline as a Gantt chart.

For existing timelines, click Appearance > Layers and select the Use Gantt chart layout option:

We also recommend going to Appearance > Colors and checking both layer color options to apply layer colors to event names and the layer background:

After you save these changes, we also recommend choosing a color for each layer instead of using the default transparent layer background. 

Can I change how events are ordered?

When using the Gantt chart layout, events are automatically ordered by start date.

Are all of the normal appearance settings still available?

When you choose the Gantt chart layout option, a few appearance settings become unavailable:

  • Layer names will always be displayed on the left side of layers and never at the top
  • Layers will never be automatically compressed because there can only be one event per row
  • Event dates and duration will be displayed to the right of the bars/icons on the timeline

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