Troubleshooting PDF Export Issues

In certain situations Preceden may not be able to convert a timeline to a PDF. 

This most commonly happens when trying to export a large timeline that includes a lot of images on the timeline. 

This can be a problem because the tool that Preceden uses to convert the timeline into a PDF may break due to the timeline's size.

Troubleshooting steps:

1) Try unchecking the "Event List" option when generating the PDF

Now when you export it Preceden will attempt to generate a PDF of just the timeline visualization which may reduce the PDF size enough so that the export works.

If this does work and you still want to export the event list as a PDF, you can do it separately:

2) If your timeline includes images, try not displaying them on the timeline

You can do this by going to Appearance > Events and unchecking the Images option:

Then try exporting your timeline again, first with both the Timeline and Event List (assuming you ideally want both) then if that fails try just the Timeline as outlined above.

3) Split your timeline into 2 more smaller timelines

If your timeline still does not export, you will need to split your timeline into 2 or more smaller ones and export them individually.

If you paid for an account that is limited to 1 timeline, send an email to our support mailbox ([email protected]) and we'll bump your timeline limit for free.

We realize this is a hassle and are sorry about any frustration this causes. Unfortunately this is a limitation of the tool we use to generate PDFs and not something we have control over.

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