Dependent Events

Preceden's Dependent features let you specify that you want one event to start when another event ends.

For example in this timeline we have Event B starting when Event A ends: There are two ways to go about this:

Manually setting the start date for Event B

With this approach we manually set Event B's start date to June 8, 2022 to correspond with when Event A ends.

Mark Event B as a Dependent of Event A

We can do this by checking the Dependent box on Event B and selecting Event A from the dropdown:

The advantage of this approach is that if you change Event A's dates, Event B's dates will automatically update to start when Event A ends:


How are dependents and connections related?

When you specify that Event B is a dependent on Event A, Preceden will automatically add a visual connection between the two events by default:

However, you can go into Event B's More Options and remove the connection to Event A if you would prefer the events not to be visually connected on the timeline.

Also, if you add a connection between two events, it's a separate thing from this Dependent feature. Events can have a connection without one event being dependent on the other.

What happens if I delete Event A?

Preceden will give Event B a fixed start date.

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