Reviewing Preceden on AlternativeTo

Preceden has a listing on a popular app review website called AlternativeTo.

If you're getting value from Preceden, we would greatly appreciate it if you upvoted Preceden's listing and left a quick review. 

This should take less than 10 minutes of your time.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Load Preceden's AlternativeTo listing:

2. Click the heart icon:

3. You'll be prompted to either register an account or review as a guest. You should register to ensure your review is saved properly:

4. Sign up for an AlternativeTo account:

5. Agree to their privacy policy, pick a user name, and confirm you're not a bot:

6. Now that you've registered, you can leave the review:

Note that if you registered using an email and password, you'll need to verify your email before proceeding here (check your email for a link). If you registered using your Google, Facebook, or other account you won't need to verify your email.

Back on Preceden's listing click the heart again:

7. Select/add any features you think are important then click Save:

7. Write a short review of Preceden ideally describing the benefit you get from it, choose a rating, then click Comment:

That's it! 

It may take a few days for your review to be approved so don't worry if you don't see your review on the listing immediately.

Back on your Preceden dashboard you can click the "X" on the review request notice so you don't see it anymore.

Thank you so much for doing this, reviews like this help us get Preceden in front of more people looking for timeline software.

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