Make an Event Start When Another Event Ends

With Preceden you can have one event start when another one ends. We call these events dependents because they depend on another event to determine their dates.

Specify a Dependency

Let's pretend that you're a software developer and are using Preceden to plan the release of a new project.
In one of the layers you want to have two events, Alpha and Beta, representing where you and your team are at in the development process.
For the Alpha phase, you add an event to your timeline, called Alpha, with a start date of January 2018 and an end date of June 2018. For the Beta phase, let's say you estimate it will take 6 months. You have a few options for adding it to your timeline:
  1. Fixed start and fixed end date - Add an event with a start date of June 2018 and an end date of November 2018.
  2. Fixed start date with a duration - Add an event with a start date of June 2018 and an end date of 6 months.
  3. Dependent start date with a fixed end date - Make Beta a dependent of Alpha and set the end date to November 2018.
  4. Dependent start date with a duration - Make Beta a dependent of Alpha with an end date of 6 months.
My preference is the last option because you don't have to specify the actual start date of the event (and it will automatically change if you ever change the date for Alpha, the event it is dependent on) and if you specify the duration then the end date will automatically be calculated whenever the start date changes.
Here's how to do it:
When you add an event, click the ' Dependent' option above the Start Date

The start date field changes to a drop down list of other events. Scroll the list and select an event that this event will be dependent upon (e.g. Find and click the Alpha event).

After adding or updating all the other essential information (e.g. mandatory and optional fields that you desire), save the changes by clicking Add Event or Update Event

Delete an Event That Has Dependents

If you delete an event that has dependents, Preceden will update the dependents to reflect the deleted-event's end date.

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