Changes to Teacher Accounts in 2022

For almost a decade Preceden has offered special teacher accounts that can be set up to allow their students to create timelines of their own. Due to low adoption of these accounts and a huge amount of complexity they add to the codebase, we've made the difficult decision to stop offering these type of accounts and to remove all student sub-accounts at the beginning of 2022.

Who does this impact?

If you originally signed up and specified that you were using Preceden for Teaching, then your account will be impacted. Your dashboard will say "Teacher Dashboard" if this is the case.

What happens to student accounts and timelines?

At the beginning of 2022 all student accounts and their timelines will be permanently deleted from Preceden.

To be clear, if the student has their own account that's independent of your teacher account, their account/timelines will not be impacted. They're only impacted if they sign into your account using the Student Access Password and a PIN.

What about my teacher timelines?

The timelines you have created (ie the ones listed under "Your Timelines" on your dashboard) will not be impacted.

How can I save the timelines before they are deleted?

If you want to save a copy of a timeline, you can load it and then use the export features to download it:

Can my students continue working on their timelines?

If your students want to continue using Preceden, they should sign up for their own account. The free plan is limited to 1 timeline with 10 events, but there are paid plans available that remove those limitations.

Additionally, your students could download their timelines on your account as CSV or Excel files and then use Preceden's CSV Import tool to import their existing timeline (under your account) to their own account (though they would need to be on a paid plan to use this import feature). They should do this before winter break because after the holidays their timelines won't be available

Regardless of whether the student is on the free plan or a paid plan, they would be able to export their timeline and share it with you, it's just obviously more work than in the past since you won't automatically be able to view their work.

I have some more questions - who can I ask?

We know some of you are heavy users of Preceden's teacher features and will be impacted by this change and we're sorry about that. If you have any questions you can reach us at

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