Change the Bar Name Position

Preceden has two types of events: those with a duration (which we'll call bars) and those without a duration (which we'll call instants).

The following timeline has 3 events:

  1. Market Research, Customer Interviews, and Surveys - a bar
  2. Development - a bar
  3. Launch - an instant

Notice that Development is placed inside the bar because it fits within it, but Market Research, Customer Interviews, and Surveys is placed to the right of the bar because it does not fit within the bar.

This behavior (place bar names to the right of the bar if it doesn't fit within it) is the default, but it can be customized by going to Appearance > Events > Bar Name Position

There are 6 possible options:

1. Inside if it fits, otherwise right

This is the default behavior that you can see in the image above.

2. Inside, otherwise ellipsis

Notice now the  Market Research, Customer Interviews, and Surveys name is placed within the bar, but an ellipsis ("...") is added at the end to reflect some of the name is hidden.

3. Inside, otherwise clipped

Similar to above, except the parts of the name that don't fit are just hidden and no ellipsis is added.

4. Inside, otherwise hidden

Because the first event name is too long to fit within the green bar, Preceden hides the name completely from the timeline.

5. Always to the right

With this option, Preceden will always place event names to the right of the bars even if they will fit. This give the positions more consistency, but can also make the timeline appear more cluttered because names that otherwise would have been placed in the bar are now to the right.

6. Always hidden

The bar name won't be displayed on the timeline regardless of its length.

There's no right or wrong choice here, the option that you choose will ultimately be up to your personal taste and how you want long names the be handled on the timeline.

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