Working with layers

Layers let you group similar types of events together on your timeline. 

For example, in a timeline of your life you might have one layer for places you lived, one layer for places you've worked, one for your relationships, etc.

How layers work

By default when you create a timeline, all events go in the same layer called "Events" though we don't display the name of this layer on your timeline:

You can add a new layer by clicking on the Add Layer link above your timeline. For example, lets add a new layer called "Places I've worked":

Because we added a second layer, the original layer's name ("Events") is now display on the timeline. You can edit it by clicking on the layer name on the timeline or by clicking "edit" next to its name in the list below the timeline. Let's change it to "Places I've Lived":

When you add new events to your timeline, you can specify which layer you want the event to be displayed in:

By adding the new event to the "Places I've worked" layer, it will be grouped separately from the events in the "Places I've lived" layer:

You can reorder layers by clicking on the "Reorder Layers" link above your timeline.

Hiding and Showing Layers

You can hide individual layers by editing the layer and unchecking the visibility checkbox.

To re-show it, click on the layer's name in the list below your timeline and re-check the visibility checkbox.

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