Embedding your timeline in a website

Preceden allows you to embed publicly-shared timelines on other websites using an iframe.

Simply click the Embed link below your timeline and you'll be shown the code to render your timeline in an iframe such as:

<iframe src="https://www.preceden.com/timelines/2/embed" width="100%" height="466" frameborder="0">
 <a href="https://www.preceden.com" target="_top">Preceden Timeline Maker</a>

A few notes:

  • Event notes will be displayed when you hover over events, but may be cut off if the content exceeds the bottom of the iframe. To fix this, you may need to increase the value of the height attribute in the HTML code.
  • If you later change your timeline's visibility settings from public to private, the embedded timeline will no longer display on pages that have it embedded.
  • The embed code is tailored to the height of the timeline with its current content. If you add more layers or events, vertical scroll bars may appear on the embedded timeline. If you want to get rid of the scroll bars, you can come back and get the new embed code, or you can manually increase the height value in the HTML code until the scroll bars disappear.

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